Be One With Your Inner Warrior! Hot Warrior Yoga is the BEST of Hot Hatha and Hot VInyasa. Learn Jennilee Toner’s intelligently designed 50 plus posture practice, the history and philosophy of yoga, the language and myths of asanas, the physical and symbolic importance behind classical sun salutations, and the anatomy of 72 yoga postures. This is a must have book for beginning yoga students, advanced yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, and fitness professionals interested in adding yoga to their teachings. 


Yoga History & Philosophy w/Jennilee Toner

Anatomy 101 for Yoga Teachers w/Jennilee Toner

5 set Hot Warrior Yoga DVDs


Fierce Compassion 2012 & 2013

We Are One Love 2012

More Sukkha Less Dukkha 2014

Shine Bright 2014

Shift Happens 2015

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MUST HAVES to enhance your personal practice and teaching!

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