Become a yoga teacher and help make the world a better place! Jennilee Toner’s Hot Warrior Yoga combines the best of both Hot Hatha and Hot Vinyasa yoga practices. In this comprehensive and dynamic six weekend training, that takes places over the course of 6 months, in addition to learning the 50 plus posture practice that is Hot Warrior Yoga, Jennilee will teach you the history and philosophy of yoga, the language and myths of the asanas (postures), classical sun salutations, the intelligence of the vinyasa flow bell curve, the perfection of the human anatomy, tools and techniques for on and off the mat injury prevention, the art of assisting, and how to intelligently and safely teach various styles/levels of vinyasa flow yoga. *HOT WARRIOR YOGA CAN ALSO BE TAUGHT IN A NON HOT ENVIRONMENT!

Sample Schedule of Training Weekends


9am Meditation

9:30-11:30 Hot Warrior Yoga class 

11:30-1 Hot Warrior Yoga Sequencing

1-2 Break/Karma Yoga

2-4 Embodied Anatomy 101

4-6 Posture Clinic - Anatomy of Poses

6-7 Dinner/Karma Yoga

7-9 Yoga History, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Mythology, etc


9am Meditation

9:30-11:30 Pose Specific Vinyasa Flow class

11:30-1 Teachers Teach & Assist Sun Salutations

1-2 Break/Karma Yoga

2-4 Posture Clinic - Anatomy od Sequencing

4-6 Teachers teach/Group Facilitation/Electives

6-7 Dinner/Karma Yoga

7-9 Dinner and Yoga Movie


9am Meditation

9:30-11 Hot Warrior Yoga Flow class 

11-1 Posture Clinic - Art of Assisting

1-2 Break/Karma Yoga

2-4 Teachers Teach/Group Facilitation/Electives

4-4:30 Closing Circle



Books to be used in Training:

• Hot Warrior Yoga Manual

by Jennilee Toner

• The Perfect Chaturanga

by Jennilee Toner

• Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic by Darren Main

• The Living Gita by

Swami Satchidananda

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